Welcome to YYeCAMERA



YYeCAMERA specializes in service and repair of classic Leica rangefinder cameras.


Popular services include, but not limit to:

  • Cleaning, lubrication, and adjustmen("CLA") of the camera body.
  • CLA of most Leica rangefinder (LTM or M bayonet mount) lenses and some Leica R lenses.
  • Replacement of one or both shutter curtains.
  • Replacement of the rangefinder beam splitter on Leica Thread Mount (LTM) cameras.
  • Re-cementing of a separated rangefinder for Leica M2/M3/M4 camera bodies.
  • Replacement of worn Vulcanite with your choice of material.
  • Conversion of Leica M2/M3 flash socket to the M4 type.
  • Conversion of Leica M3 to an M4 type quick loading mechanism.
  • Removal of 135/75 frame lines from Leica M4-P and newer models.
  • Upgrading Leica M6 finder to MP "no flare" finder.


I work on classic Leica bodies from IA to MP (with the exception of the Leica M5 and CL). I also work on Leica copies, such as Canon II/III/IV, Nicca, Tower and similar cameras.


I service Leica M, LTM lenses, and Canon, Nikkor and Zeiss LTM/rangefinder lenses.


Please contact me to determine if I work on the brand and type of camera or lens you need serviced or repaired.


I strive to communicate with each customer on the job’s progress.